Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and Conditions
The navigation in www.mielamoi.com and / or the purchase of any product through the same site implies the acceptance of these terms and general conditions of use and contracting.

1.1. The domain and online store available on this website is owned by the company "Wonder Routine, Comércio de Têxteis, SA", located at Rua Cónego Arlindo Cunha, 605, 4800-869 São Torcato, Guimarães, with tax identification number (NIF) 513586091 and holder of the brand "Miel à Moi®".
1.2. These Terms and Conditions regulate navigation, purchase and sale transactions made on the online store at www.mielamoi.com.
In order to be able to buy from the Miel à Moi® online store, the user must register as a Client, ensuring the validity of their data, indicating them correctly and completely.
If you do not provide all the necessary information, you will not be able to complete your request.
By placing an order through this website, you claim to be over 18 years of age and have the legal capacity to enter into contracts.
1.3. Miel à Moi® undertakes a commitment of respect, security and privacy regarding the data provided by the users of this website.
The collection of personal data is done by completing an online registration form.
All information provided by the user necessary to supply the products will be treated in accordance with the General Regulation of Data Protection (RGPD), in order to ensure the confidentiality and security of the personal data provided.
1.4. Miel à Moi® is the entity responsible for the collection and processing of personal data. The personal data placed by the users will be subject to computer processing and will appear in the Miel à Moi® database.
The provision of personal data is optional and will always be guaranteed, under the terms of the RGPD, the right of access, rectification and cancellation of any data provided, and this right may be exercised directly in the personal area of the site, ie in the personal account of the Client.

2. How to Buy
2.1. To order products at www.mielamoi.com it is necessary that the user has an email account and that registers as Customer of the online store, correctly indicating all the necessary data for this purpose in the form available online. Once registered, it is enough for the Client to insert in the virtual shopping basket all the products that he wants to acquire, following all the steps of the purchase so that it is completed successfully.
2.2. If you prefer, you can order by email (info@mielamoi.com). Indicate the products and sizes that you would like and we respond, indicating, if any, availability in stock, as well as all instructions for purchase, payment and delivery.
2.3. We keep the orders received by the site or by e-mail for 3 days. From that date your order will be cancelled.

3. Prices of Products and Shipping Costs:
The price of products available at Miel à Moi® online store is indicated in Euros (€) and already includes Value Added Tax (VAT), and at the end of the ordering process, the total price will include, when applicable, the shipping costs.
The prices are all quoted in euros. Please note that the change of country of delivery may have influence on prices due to transportation costs.
It is the customer's responsibility to pay any import tax or duty on the articles in his country.
Product prices and delivery charges are always set when ordering, so they should always be checked at this time, as they are subject to change without prior notice or may contain some inaccuracy.
Miel à Moi® makes every effort to ensure that the information presented on its website is reliable and error-free, however, whenever a computer, manual, technical or other error occurs and is detected that causes a change in the products or a substantial change not provided for by Miel à Moi® in the sales price so that it is clearly high or low, Miel à Moi® cannot be held liable and therefore the purchase order will be considered invalid and will be cancelled.

4. Confirmation or Cancellation:
Miel à Moi® reserves the right not to confirm and / or proceed with the delivery of the products of the order made by the Client, regardless of the reason and free of responsibility for any damages or costs,
• If any unpredictable event or change in the current circumstances that may affect production, transportation and its costs or that causes abnormal increases in the prices of raw materials arise;
• If, for any reason, it is impossible for the proper collection and receipt by Miel à Moi® of the respective payment;
• When the ordered products are no longer available;
• When the order has been made and / or the data necessary for the delivery of the order have been indicated incompletely or incorrectly;
• When the order is flagged by Miel à Moi® as an incorrect order, irregular and / or considered fraud.
In the event of an order and payment of products that have been rendered unavailable, Miel à Moi® will inform the Customer via email about such situation and present a solution. If this is not possible, you will be refunded the money paid for the unavailable items.

5. Payment Methods:
Payments will be made by Wire Transfer.
The details of the bank account for payment will be shown in the final step of the order and sent in automatic email with the confirmation of the same. Please send us the proof of payment to the email info@mielamoi.com so that we can more quickly proceed to the validation and sending of your order.
Payment must be made within 3 days of order. The shipment of the order will be made after a good collection. Non-payment will lead to cancellation of the order.
The Customer shall not use any other means of payment than the specified, otherwise, Miel à Moi® shall not be liable for the loss of payment or any other damages that may result therefrom.

6. Reservation of Property:
Miel à Moi® owns the company's products until it has received full payment for all of these products.

7. Quality and Guarantee:
Miel à Moi® does not sell second-hand, defective or substandard products. The main features of each product shown on www.mielamoi.com can be found on each product page.
The products offered for sale on this site may not exactly match the actual clothing in terms of image and color due to the internet browser and monitor used.
All products have an identification tag. Do not remove the label from the purchased product if you intend to return it.
In case you decide to exercise the right to return the products purchased, Miel à Moi® has the right not to accept the return of products that are returned without the label or that have been altered in relation to its original state or damaged.

8. Exchanges, Returns and Complaints:
8.1. Cancellation of the order before sending:
The Customer may cancel the order, as long as it has not yet been sent. For this purpose, the Customer must contact us through the e-mail info@mielamoi.com and request the cancellation of his order. If the cancellation request is successful, the customer will be notified by e-mail of this decision and the cancellation will be processed at no cost to the Customer.
8.2. Return of defective products:
The Customer has the right to return the products delivered if they are found to have defects or other nonconformities with regard to the products ordered. The return can be made within a maximum period of 15 calendar days after the order is received. If your claim is justified, the price and shipping costs will be refunded.
8.3. Return of products by withdrawal:
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products you have ordered you can return them within 15 calendar days after receipt, provided that:
• The products have not been washed or used;
• The product retains its original characteristics and the packaging is not damaged (carefully opened packages will not be considered damaged);
• The product is complete (e.g. both items in a pair have to be returned);
Returns of products that have been tampered / damaged will not be accepted and, therefore, no refund will be made.
8.4. Return of offers:
Currently, it is not possible for a person who received a product as an offer from another to return it. In this case, in order to make a return, you must contact the person who purchased it, in the sense that it is returned to you.
8.5. Exchange by product or size:
To exchange one article for another or to change sizes, please contact us by email: info@mielamoi.com.

9. Copyright:
The contents and design of this website, as well as others sent by electronic mail or provided in connection with the website, are the property of Miel à Moi®. Reproduction of contents is authorized by indication of the source, unless otherwise stated.

You may not use or reproduce the name "Miel à Moi®" and its logo without written legal authorization from Miel à Moi®.

10. Information on the site:
Although Miel à Moi® works its website with great care, information, text, graphic documents may contain errors or be incomplete or incorrect. Miel à Moi® shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use (or inability to use) the site, including damages caused by viruses or any inaccuracy or imperfection of the information, unless such damage is the result of malice or negligence on the part of Miel à Moi®.